Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Earth has a Fever...

NASA & NOAA issued their monthly reports again claiming global temperatures set January warmth records.  What they don’t tell you is that is what is SUPPOSE to happen in a strong El Nino CYCLE.   What will happen when El Nino goes away as it always does?   The good news is we don’t have to wait 50 or 100 years to find out.   I suspect a weak La Nina will develop by next Fall and the colder CYCLE will return. 


For this weekend, near record warmth will have us flirting with 80 on Saturday.  However, there are signs of returning to a colder pattern next week.  Right now there are conflicting computer guidance as to how deep the east coast trough will be and that will be important as the coldest air(-40) so far this Winter season is showing up over northern Canada.  Will it flow all the way down to the Gulf Coast?  Could we have to worry about freezing temperatures during the last week of Meteorological Winter?  Stay tuned!


Growing up my Dad was not a fisherman so there is only one time I remember him taking my older brother (Jim) & me fishing.  We used worms (ugh!) and I caught ONE small bluegill.   Only fished one time while I was in Tampa and caught ONE grouper.  So you can imagine my lack of enthusiasm   when the Krewe of Centurion’s asked me to be their Grand Marshal back in 1980 offering a fishing trip as incentive.   John Hope & Luke Gennaro were the Harahan guys who took me fishing out of Shell Beach.  I didn’t have any fishing gear so I went to K-mart and bought a “push button” Zebco reel.    Captain Luke laughed me out of the boat but took me anyway.  Was I in for the surprise of my life.  Not only did we catch a fish, we caught our limit (50 trout/man back then).  I was hooked!  I received a call from the late  Dr. Don Petersen inviting me to go fish the Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo  in 1984.  Like everything I have done regarding the culture of south Louisiana, I jumped in with both feet.  I loved the fishing & I loved the people even more.   One of the more memorable things about the Rodeo was meeting the late Otto Candies and listening how he started his supply boat business back in the 40s with ONE boat.  What vision, what courage, what a man!  His son (Late Paul Candies)  asked me in 1985 to be the M.C. at their awards ceremony and I continue in that role missing only one year for a wedding.    I have met so many friends fishing and I continue to enjoy my trips with “Captain” Hylton Petit.   Can’t wait for the weather to warm, retirement to arrive and go fishing WHEN THE FISH ARE BITING !   13 more days my friends.

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