Thursday, March 17, 2016

Winter Going down with a fight!

If you are like me, you have put away your sweaters & heavy weather gear and brought out the shorts & warm weather attire.   Not so fast Gang.  Mother Nature is showing who’s in charge as technically the calendar says it’s still WINTER.  Denver has light snow & 29 degrees tonight while a major Nor’Easter could bring 1-2 FEET of snow to the major cities of the Northeast this weekend.  Reminds me many years ago, my late wife & I did out usual Easter Drive home to Indiana for Easter.  It was April 7th and Chicago received 5-8” of the heaviest, wet snow that I ever saw.  It can happen this late, it has happened even later despite what many folks claim to have “never seen this before”.    Fortunately for us, the higher sun angle will temper the chill but we may need to worry about some 30s on the North Shore late this weekend.  


It’s nights like tonight that I feel TOTALLY happy in retirement.   More storms to challenge the forecasters, more worry for the many water logged homeowners across the Lake.   No longer my worry, no longer my stress.  Just got back from my 1st post retirement fishing trip with Capt. Hylton & it was a blast!  I know many viewers didn’t want me to go, but I know I made the correct decision.   I like how our FOX 8 Weather Team handled the recent flood and they have so much more social media postings than I ever could or would.   I’m enjoying my evenings free to finally watch programs I’ve never seen.   Still haven’t mastered using the DVR Yet!   Give gramps some time!


Saw an article regarding Attorney General Lynch wanting to prosecute (more like persecute) the Climate “Deniers”.   This from the Land of the Free & Home of the Brave.  Don’t think like us, don’t believe like us, we will silence the opposition.  And they wonder why a Donald Trump keeps winning?


Janine Dupre said...

So happy for you in your retirement and leisure. Also very glad you stay in our lives via your blog since you are embedded in as part of our lives with great fondness. Janine

Damien Frazier said...

Hey there Mr. Breck!! I'm sure you are indeed enjoying your vacation. Ive been trying to message you from off my phone on your blog as well as on twitter, but been having posting issues. I've been watching you forecast the weather for some years and love the way you can prepare and not scare people. I think my man for the weather was Mike Graham from WAFB. at that time nancy parker was with them, back in 1992 I think when hurricane Andrew brushed LA. Anywho just know I enjoyed all the jokes and laughs with you forcasting and thank you for making not only me but others feel totally comfortable when a threat was coming to SE La, instead of over exaggerating about a computer model. thanks again for everything and your weatherman service. Be Blessed you and your Wife and live it up an enjoy your retirement, and remember to keep God First in all things. Bless You!!!