Thursday, April 7, 2016

Love Spring!

After a rather crummy March, April has settled into what we normally expect…generally dry weather with warm days & cool nights.    I was fishing 2 days this week & golfing on another.    I haven’t spent much time on my yard so for the next 3 days, I’ll try to get everything ship shape before the heat of summer arrives.   Anyone who says retirement is boring hasn’t tried it yet or doesn’t have any outside interests besides working.  I’m  like McDonalds…I’m loving it!


Of course the almost  daily reports on global warming continue.  Seems every time the government issues a new reports, the weather happens to be in the middle of a cold wave or blizzard.  So true this week as the “White House Report” says “Heat in 2030 could kill an additional 11, 000.”   At the same time Winter-like cold blasts the Great Lakes & Northeast.   Let’s look at that 1st statement regarding heat.  I’m glad the Alarmists finally issue a verifiable report…14 years from now…not something 50-100 years away.  Most of us will still be alive and we’ll know if the predictions come true.  But wait a minute, at the rate of population increase, there’ll be way more people around so is that a realist prediction?  I don’t know but hopefully I’ll be still here to see if that verifies. 


Speaking of predictions…WeatherBell Analytics has issued their 2016 Hurricane Forecast calling for above normal activity (11-14 named storms) with 6-8 of them becoming hurricanes of which 2-5 will be major.  Worse news, the Gulf of Mexico is the bullseye for these storms.  This news should do nothing regarding your planning for this season.   We have 7 weeks before the season begins.  It’s the same old advice…you either stay or leave.  I’ll be writing more about how you develop a strategy in future posts.  For now, enjoy April !!!

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