Monday, May 30, 2016

A Special Day...

From the Hall of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli. We will fight our Country’s battles in the air on land & sea.  Yes today is the day we honor those who fought & died to defend our freedom.  My personal opinion is every person, male or female, should be required to serve at least one year for our Country in some form.  No, not everyone is a fighter, but everyone can be a helper for at least a year supporting our military in behind the scenes capacity.   I did that during Viet Nam War joining the Marine Corps Reserves to avoid being drafted.   At 5’4”, I was not a fighter but boot camp taught me how to fight, to shoot & to kill.  I wasn’t happy about it at that time, but what the Marines taught me was pride in myself, pride in my Country.   Sure we have problems as most countries do.  However, I feel so fortunate that I was born in the USA.    Today we salute those heroes who have kept us free.


Don’t know about you, but this May has yet to feel “gawd awful” hot.  Today hit 90 but it wasn’t August like yet.  In fact, sitting outside with my dog Bailey, it was really pleasant.  We know what’s coming the next 3 ½ months.  As they say…it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity.   Bonnie turned into a way over hyped Tropical Storm.   With social media now, everything must be live, especially the reporter on the beach with folks strolling in the background or flying kites.   My fear is when the real danger comes, when we need to get people to react, they will delay their response because they have seen so many storms over hyped.  Stay tuned to FOX 8 this Wednesday at 6 PM for this year’s Weathering the Storm hurricane special. 

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