Thursday, May 26, 2016

Historic Day For FOX 8

When I arrived at Ch. 8 in April 1978, the news leader in this market was already WWL-TV having passed WDSU several years before.  Bill Elder, Angela Hill , Garland Robinette with Nash Roberts & Hap Glaudi were their anchors and no one beat them in the monthly rating periods for 38 years.   Sure Ch. 8 beat them several times during hurricane coverage, but never during the main MONTHLY rating periods.   Until May 2016.   FOX 8 at 10 pm is now the most watched newscast breaking the nearly 4 decade hold enjoyed by Ch. 4.    FOX 8 at 9 PM is the most watched newscast overall, but it has that time period  all to itself.   No other television market in the country has had such a long dominance by one station.   That dominance is no longer as we have 3 stations that are fighting to be # 1.  For this May rating book, Ch. 8 is the NEW # 1 at 10 PM.   Bravo!


The other “Epic”  news is an article by AP science writer Seth Borenstein titled “Discovery may less warming forecast”.   Unless I missed something over the years, this is the 1st time Mr. Borenstein has written anything against global warming.  In the article it states, “ the way these simulations work, it would mean that greenhouse gases haven’t been quite as potent in producing warming so far as scientists thought.”  Who knew?  We have all been told something else for years.   Will wonders ever cease?


We have arrived at the daily 90+ highs, but while out walking my dog tonight, it’s still not to the awful evenings feel yet.  In fact, with a light breeze, it felt “comfortable” .   Out east of Florida, it appears a tropical system is slowly developing.  All signs indicate it will be an east coast issue with us staying on the dry side.  Enjoy your weekend.

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