Saturday, May 7, 2016

I Remember Mama...

Back in my youth, my first memory of my Mom was around age 3 or 4.  I had run into the edge of a table in our basement (Yea, I grew up in the North!) and a golf ball size lump formed on my forehead.   Mom wasted no time getting me upstairs where she put an ice cube on the bump to reduce the swelling.  While I cried, Mom said it would be OK…and it was.  When I reached 5,  it was time to go to Kindergarten to a school 6 blocks from our house.   Mom walked me to school and said she would be back to get me.  Again I cried as the teacher lead me away never to see Mom again.  I was wrong.  Mom was back for me at noon and was there every day that 1st year at school.  My Mom was brought up in a strict Polish family where they didn’t hug much and never said “ I love you.”  Crying and loving were a sign of weakness so our family didn’t show much of either.  Mom was always there for me, always took care of me and made sure I was brought up in a strong Faith based family.   In later years, when I said “I Love You”, Mom would reply “Me Too”.   I asked her why she couldn’t say “I Love You”, she could only say she didn’t know, that her Mom & Dad never told her that.   So on this Mother’s Day, I want every one of you to call or see your Mom and just tell her “I love You”.   My Mom died 3 years ago on May 15th.   I can’t see her anymore, but I still tell her I love her.   You should always remember your Mama.   She gave you life.


After such a crummy weekend last week,  our recent stretch of great weather was very much appreciated and needed.   It’s been pleasantly cool in the mornings and warm, but not hot in the afternoons.  Well you know that can’t last as the sun angle gets higher and our highs will start to flirt with 90 maybe as soon as this week.  With the humidity returning, it will feel much hotter and I have put my sweaters away until October.   Our main concern during the next 2-3 months should be on getting too much sun since many of us will be off to the beaches and/or out into the boats.   Hats and sunscreen are required.  Skin cancer is no picnic and most of it is preventable.  Stay tuned!

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