Sunday, May 1, 2016

Is there no Hope?

Yikes!  Another day without sunshine.  That was bad enough until I opened my morning Advocate to see blaring headlines about how we’re all gonna drown, based once again on computer models 50-100 years away.  Alarmist’s sea level rises coming so the article says.    I consider Bob Marshall an excellent environmental reporter, but he NEVER shows any data from an opposing viewpoint.   Like…computer models have been WRONG/INCORRECT on predicting sea level rises since 1988 when James Hansen went before Congress.  Yes sea levels are rising, but nowhere near the levels Hansen predicted.  So why should we believe the new numbers might be correct?  Most of us won’t be on the Planet in 2050 to verify this forecast.  Why can’t the Alarmists say in 5-10 years the sea levels will increase X number of inches or feet?   Then we could VERIFY their accuracy.  But noooooo.  They have to go 50-100+ years from now.    In addition, sea levels are NOT rising uniformly in all oceans.  This is a complex Earth we live on yet I’m constantly amazed by the arrogance of man thinking he can control/stop the climate from changing.   But the avalanche of Alarmist’s fears continue.  WeatherUnderground last Friday highlighted future food shortages to be caused by droughts & floods due to  global warming.  Today’s Advocate also had a story about ocean acidification killing fish & coral reefs.  Is there no let up?   Do any of you wonder who is feeding these reporters all these alarmist’s stories?    Better yet,  do any of you wonder why our government has to hire PR firms to promote their agenda?  But our government wouldn’t lie to us, would they?   That’s what Walter Cronkite thought back in the late 60s during Viet Nam !   Then I caught Sam Champion on The Weather Channel promoting more climate change agenda.   Then it rained all afternoon.   I was feeling totally hopeless.   Thank goodness for my evening chardonnay or today would be totally in the dumper!


FYI…the 9.89” of rain at MSY for April made this the 8th wettest since record keeping began back in 1946.  My house in Metairie had almost 5” in the past 2 days with several  rounds of storms possible on Monday.   Finally a real pattern change is coming that will drive a cool front through by Tuesday PM.  Much drier air will make it feel better allowing for cooler nights & very pleasantly warm afternoons.  This may be the last real front until October?  Stay tuned!

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