Friday, May 13, 2016

Marvelous May

Even though we’ve hit the upper 80s and even 90 in spots, I’ve yet to feel really uncomfortable during the heat of the day.  While playing golf this afternoon there was a breeze and it was warm but not hot.  Why?   Because a front brought us some drier air and that is what made eating out on the back patio so enjoyable tonight.   Tomorrow & most of Sunday look equally as nice before the muggies return next week.  It appears we’ll also see a much better chance for rain during the week, but after a dry, sunny weekend, my lawn & garden will need a drink.


I haven’t been in the mood to do many postings lately since it’s the same old arguments being repeated day after day.    Garland calls his show on the radio  “The Think Tank”.   Listening to both radio & TV lately, it sounds like most people are in “The Stink Tank” !  Every little think bothers them and they appear determine to make all of us equally miserable like them.    I choose to stay positive, listen a lot and wonder how I can be of service?   As our Creator once said…”Peace be with you”. 


In a few weeks I’ll be talking about hurricane season in my daily/weekly blogs.  Normally we don’t have much activity until August & September.   Hopefully the threats will stay far away again this summer?

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