Tuesday, May 3, 2016

No Academy Award...But

For the first time in my 68+ years on this planet I went to the movies on a Monday night.  I typically like to see romantic comedies (Sleepless in Seattle) that have happy endings.  But last night was different.  I went to see Climate Hustle, an advocacy film showing the other side of the Climate Change debate.  Will it sway the zealots who believe Man (fossil fuels) is the driver of our current warming CYCLE?   I doubt it.  What it should do is get some folks thinking why the zealots oppose any different views than their own.   It showed why they attack the messenger instead of the message.  Let me repeat for the ump-teen time, Climate has ALWAYS been changing and very few dispute the current warming CYCLE.   The debate should be about what is causing the current warming.  One side believes it’s CO2 from the burning of fossil fuels.  Fair enough.    However,  past history indicates CO2 was way higher than now and the planet went through warming and cooling despite the higher levels of CO2.  The zealots want you to believe, if we cut CO2 emissions, we’ll stop the climate from warming.   But to do that would require enormous amounts of money(higher taxes) without any guarantee that would change anything.   There is no “97% consensus”  unless you believe that 75 out of 77 climate scientists worldwide( that’s all that turned in the survey) make the debate settled.   C’mon,  75 guys on the whole planet control what the other 7 Billion of us should believe?     Of course there are many more who believe the 75 are correct, however, there are many thousands of scientists who believe that CO2 cannot be the driver of our current warming CYCLE.   But instead of any debate, the zealots through PR firms, continue to churn out story after story trying to silence any opposing viewpoints.  I’m not here to try to change your viewpoint.  I am here to try to get you to think, to do some research, to understand why our government would allow only one side of the story to be told.    It ultimately goes back to Money, Power & Control.   If you saw the Al Gore movie (An Inconvenient Truth) and thought the debate is over, you need to see Climate Hustle.   It is an opposing viewpoint.  Real Science debates different viewpoints & theories.    We should not allow politicians (Al Gore/Sarah Palin) to get involved in Science.  Politicians have AGENDAS.  Scientists seek the TRUTH.  Agendas rarely seek the truth.


I was back at Ch. 8 today working with David Bernard on our annual hurricane special.  It will air on June 1st, the start of the 2016 hurricane season.  See you then.

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