Thursday, June 2, 2016

Good Bye Old Friend

Back in April 1978 I had the daunting task of replacing Nash Roberts on Ch. 8, made all the more difficult because Nash didn’t retire, but went to another Channel.  The 1st promotional spot Ch. 8 produced about me used 2 local actors, Billie Holiday & Shirl Cieutat.  The promo had Shirl & Billie in front of their TV when I came on.   Billie quickly changed the channel but Shirl (her hair up in rollers) said…”aw c’mon, give the guy a chance” .  Billie then said…”the next thing you’ll want is for him to take you to see your Momma in Thibodaux”.  Shirl…”oue dat would be nice!”.   That spot along with the Timesaver ads featuring Shirl & Becky Allen became classics.  If you’re under 40, you have no clue since you were too young.    Billie Holiday died suddenly shortly after the promo began to air & Shirl Cieutat died on Saturday.  She brought joy to many who watched her in local theater and made us all feel better.    So sleep your sleep old girl, your life was sweet old girl, my old friend.   


Getting back to the possible tropical development in the southern Gulf this weekend…computer models continue to show low pressure forming by Sunday and heading somewhere across Central Florida on Tuesday.  You know I hate to talk up something that’s not there yet, and I won’t.  What we do know is 1) there are few clouds over the southern Gulf, 2) there is a weak tropical wave drifting across the western Caribbean near the Caymans, 3) westerly wind shear will hinder any development and 4) a rare June front will drift thru us on Sunday blocking any northward motion.   As you know my role at FOX 8 is as a hurricane consultant for this season.    I will be in touch with David in case he feels my assistance is needed, but for now, I don’t think that will be necessary.   As always, stay tuned!