Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hottest May Ever...

That’s what the headlines blared, until you read the fine print indicating this May broke the old record by .02 of a degree Celsius.  That’s 2 hundreds not 2 tenths of a degree.   These are the same folks who want you to believe their climate models 50-100 years from now are accurate.   I know for a fact there are so many siting issues with temperature gages worldwide that .02 of a degree is meaningless, considering the margin of error of the data.   Here’s a better one.   With the current warming CYCLE peaking with El Nino gone, one would think tropical activity would be active what with all the warm water.  Stunningly, WORLDWIDE, there are no named storms again today anywhere.   Remember, hurricanes are Nature’s way of keeping the heat balance of our Planet.  If we have all this building heat, where are the storms?  Just me thinking.


NHC has raised the probability of storm development over the southern Gulf to 40% for tomorrow.  Based on what I’m seeing off the Yucatan, a well-defined rotation moving into the Gulf, I’d expect NHC to raise that to 60-70% later today and/or just make it a TD later this evening.  Regardless, it will not affect the northern Gulf and will head west into Mexico.   However, I’m always nervous about old frontal boundaries that drift off our coast into the northern Gulf at this time of the year.    Such is the case today as T-Storms have brought us welcomed cooling storms.   I am seeing a well-defined circulation over the Florida panhandle near Apalachicola.  If this were to move off the coast, it might develop some storms around it  later tonight or on Sunday.  Just something to keep an eye on the next 2-3 days.  Stay tuned!

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