Monday, June 6, 2016

Mea Culpa TWC

I have talked about the over hyping of storms/hurricanes before, but I really enjoyed watching Stephanie Abrams & Jim Cantore almost apologize on-air for Trop. Storm Colin.   Obviously someone from Disney & Universal & Bush Gardens & others let The Weather Channel know their weekend over hyping of Colin had forced many vacationers to cancel their 4-5 days trips to the sunshine state.   Why else would Jim & Stephanie down play the effects/impacts of Colin this morning indicating folks shouldn’t cancel plans and that this would be a one day storm with minor impacts.   Lesson learned?   underestimate the part upper level shear plays in storm formation & development.  On today’s visible/daylight satellite loop, I can pick out 4 swirls rotating around a very broad rotation over the eastern Gulf.  All of the T-Storms are east of this rotation as upper winds are not allowing them to collocate with the center which is totally exposed.   For us, we’ll stay on the drier side of this system which at this time of the year will mean hotter temps.   As a weak frontal boundary sinks into the Gulf, we’ll need to pay attention for any swirl to form along it later this week.  Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

I don't think you are just venting...we farmers on the Northshore near Amite really did appreciate your attention to detail and all the extra information that helped us plan our field and forest activities. You actually gave us a true forecast and would also run comparative models -- then give your own interpretation based on experience and what some may call intuitive knowledge. You didn't rush it either -- we could really look at the viper model and that would help us pinpoint what we might expect in certain areas. Sure miss your insightful and entertaining weather broadcasts that would cover the city and include our area of the viewing audience.