Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Earl Getting Stronger, but Not Our problem

Tonight’s satellite loops show a burst of T-Storms around the center of Earl and I see no reason he will not be a Hurricane before making landfall in Belize.  Of more concern is the European model trying to form low pressure in the northern Gulf by Tuesday of next week.   It appears the model is trying to spin up something along a frontal boundary that will move down the east coast.  I clearly remember that’s how Hurricane Alicia formed back in 1983, an old frontal boundary pushed off the Louisiana coast and a weak area of low pressure developed south of Louisiana.  Within 2 days Alicia exploded into a Cat. 3 Hurricane and slammed into Houston.   Not saying that will happen next week as there is nothing there now.  However, I have mentioned before, this is pay attention time and if you are planning a trip to the AL/FL beaches for next week, keep up with the latest weather forecasts.  Right now, models are indicating the POTENTIAL for some very heavy rains along the northern Gulf coast IF a low were to develop.   Nothing might happen.  Perhaps modelers inputted bad data.  Let’s just keep an eye on the northern Gulf for NEXT week.


No doubt this has been a hot summer for New Orleans.  However, if we start to get several rainy spells during the next few weeks, August could & should be less hot.  History has shown us the hottest 2 weeks of the year are the last week in July & the first week in August.  Doesn’t mean cold air is coming.  That usually doesn’t happen until late September & early October.   When we reach December and we’re all complaining about the cold, I will try to remind you which do you prefer?  Some like it hot.  Some like it cold.  Why can’t we be like San Diego all year round?  Stay tuned!

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