Monday, August 8, 2016

Heavy Rain Potential Rest of Week...

.We have a very complex weather pattern setting up so bear with me.  The weak surface low that moved into Florida & then Georgia is slowly drifting to the west tonight.   Water Vapor shows an upper high centered over Mobile bay with an upper low over south Florida centered near West Palm Beach.  All of these systems are moving very slowly.   The upper high acts as the flue on a chimney ventilating the air out allowing for the development of the fire in the hearth (storms on the ground).    All indications are these systems will waddle slowly westward increasing the potential for heavy rainfall (6-12”+) over the next several days.    These will not just be the “typical” daytime heating afternoon storms.  In fact, we could see some forming before morning drive time.   What we need to pay attention to is to see if the center of the surface low drifts back southward over the Gulf waters later this week.   It reminds me of a tropical system that formed many years back during a Saint’s pre-season game on a Saturday night.  A weak circulation moved back out over the Gulf and quickly became a tropical storm.    Tonight there are no signs to indicate that might happen, but we should not be surprised if it does.  Incidentally, the Saints have a pre-season game against New England this Thursday night!


Let’s be aware of the “training effect” forming during the next 2-3 days.  These will be bands of T-Storms rotating around low pressure that will only be 20 miles wide but the cells could move over the same track (Training) for several hours.  With rainfall rates of 2-3”/hour, you can see where flooding could quickly develop.   Stay tuned!

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