Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hurricane Earl

Despite the almost daily hype of how the Planet has a fever, one of the least talked about aspects of global warming is the current lack of Atlantic Hurricane Activity since the Katrina year (2005).   We are in record setting territory regarding no (ZERO) major U.S. land falling hurricane during the past decade.  Wait a minute.  I clearly remember the Alarmists sounding the warnings…”expect more numerous & more intense Hurricanes on a warming planet.”  Certainly the western Pacific & eastern Pacific have seen lots of storms, but what is happening in the Atlantic & Caribbean?   I’m just curious.  Something must be happening for these climate modelers to be so wrong about their prediction.   NHC has been fairly accurate in their predictions with Earl, but he has been a well behaved storm.  As we get deeper into August & early September, steering currents and storms often change directions or even loop making it difficult to predict future courses.   Let’s hope we have no goofy tracks into the northern Gulf this season. 


Speaking of a bad prediction…That was the case this morning.  Today certainly wasn’t a “typical summer day” as storms fired off BEFORE the sun rose.    In fact, the NWS 3:46 AM discussion didn’t even mention the early storms & they issued a Heat Advisory for today.    What I wanted from the AM TV broadcasters was some explanation why the storms were there so early.    At least just don’t repeat the NWS discussion, just don’t repeat the heat advisory.  Use your meteorological knowledge to explain that the rain & cloud cover should keep us less hot.  Nope that didn’t happen.   I guess my mentors taught me not to be afraid to fail as then you won’t try.  I always felt I’d rather be the only one right instead of wrong with everyone else.  


Models are still hinting that next week may turn wetter.  Right now there is nothing to follow on satellite loops.  Stay tuned!

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Pompo/Webmaster said...

Today's weathermen are a bit leazy ! Even the833-0000 is not as detailed like it used to be when you were working!