Tuesday, August 9, 2016

NHC Still 0% Chance

Looking at the radar loop tonight and it sure looks like the center of rotation is reforming back over the Gulf waters south of Destin.  NHC just put out their 7 pm statement saying they expect the center of the low to remain inland with 0% chance for development.  Never ignore the obvious was coach Tim Floyd’s motto.   We will need to closely monitor the NE Gulf overnight and into Wednesday since we have an upper high (open chimney flue) centered over South Alabama and that would aid in rapid development IF the center of the low is drifting/reforming back over the very warm northern Gulf.  Buoy pressure are beginning to slowly fall and that could be the first signs that something is going on.  I just get nervous about history repeating.  Remember, a weak low formed off the mouth of the river back in the 80s and surprisingly strengthened into a Tropical Storm the night of a Saints preseason game.  We have the 1st preseason game this Thursday night on FOX 8.  Could history repeat?   Stay tuned!


NWS has issued a Flood Watch to begin Wednesday evening thru Friday.  Total rainfall amounts could exceed 10” if you believe the computer models.

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