Sunday, August 7, 2016

No Fiona in Gulf

I always like to wait until we have enough visible satellite pictures available to loop as they tend to show more detail than the infrared.  At noon, the visible shows a well-defined rotation INLAND just south of the Georgia border about 75 miles west of Jacksonville,  NHC has lowered the chances for development over the NE Gulf, however, the area of clouds moving into the Bahamas shows a burst of convection (storms) this morning and that appears to have the higher potential to turn into Fiona.  Even there, the chances are low plus it is east of Florida keeping any threat to the east coast and not into the Gulf.    There remains an area of disorganized storms off the Tampa Florida west coast extending westward to the Louisiana coast and, RIGHT NOW,  most of the heavy rains are falling over Gulf Waters.  We’ll need to pay attention this week to see if any of those storms begin moving northward.   Hopefully, we’ll  get more T-Storms this afternoon to cap our daily brutal heat.  Since steering remains very limited, these slow moving storms can dump 2-3” in an hour causing brief street flooding.    We are done with the first week of August, only 3 ½ weeks before September.  If we’re lucky, perhaps we’ll see an early Fall cold front?   Ow, that would be nice!


Speaking of being lucky, I was fortunate enough to have met and listened to both Al Hirt & Pete Fountain play.   Thank goodness for You Tube videos as these 2 entertainers will always be with us.   Stay tuned!


Pompo/Webmaster said...

Thank you Bob!

Nolagrrl said...

Thank you very much, Bob! Read your emails every morning. Please keep them coming!