Monday, August 15, 2016

Prime Time Arrives

As many folks to our north & west are dealing with flooded homes, we are very thankful it could just as easily have been us.   We have reached the peak of the Hurricane Season (Aug. 15 – Sept. 30) and, as if on cue, a strong tropical wave has moved off of Africa with signs of rotation.  NHC gives it a moderate chance of becoming Fiona, but models leave it way out in the Atlantic.   Thomas Downs of WeatherBell  Analytics had some interesting graphics showing the high oceanic heat content in the Gulf plus the displacement of the “Loop Current” farther to the north & nearer our coast.   This is not good news for any of the Gulf coast states including us.  Let’s just hope the next few weeks stay quiet (unlikely) or most storms turn up the East coast and stay out of the Gulf as the Gulf is primed for explosive development.  What we need to pay attention to are easterly waves that don’t do much until they reach the Western Caribbean. That is what Camille did back in 1969.      RIGHT NOW, the Gulf & Atlantic are dominated by the TUTT (Tropical Upper Tropospheric Trough).  That should provide protection for the next 7-10 days.  Stay Tuned!


Before the Global Warming folks jump on our recent extreme rain event, they need to listen to the Rob Masson interview on FOX 8 with a lady who said…”  We never had this much water before.  It’s only since that new subdivision was built that we now see our streets flooding”.   Yep, man is causing some of these extreme events, but it’s not the reason the AGW crowd thinks is causing it (CO2).  Nope it’s called URBANIZATION.  Man building and paving over previous fields that soaked up the rains.  Now that additional runoff is causing water in areas that had never seen water before.  Make sense?


Boyd Stone said...

Good job

Brandon said...

Bob your logic is undeniable!