Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Visible Satellite

We are now getting enough daylight pictures to loop and clearly to me, TD 9 has storms erupting around the center of circulation.   TD 9 will be upgraded shortly to a Tropical Storm.  NHC may wait for a recon plane to arrive around noon to make sure but the satellite signature definitely  shows a growing Tropical Storm.  With a stronger system developing, it may be easier to track & forecast future movement.  A diving upper trof over the Great lakes will arrive to turn this system well east of us.  Since we’ll stay on the dry side, look for near zero rain chances, more sunshine & hotter temperatures.  Heading to the AL/FL beaches should be no problem as this system will bring down drier air for them too.  There will be some issues if you are heading to central Florida (Disney World) for Thursday & Friday.   I’ll have another update later this evening.  Stay tuned!

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