Friday, September 9, 2016

Ian & Julia Coming?

Again tonight, there are no named storms anywhere on our Planet.  The western Pacific has one Tropical Depression, but that’s it.  However, Satellite pictures show a well-defined circulation and a flair up of T-Storms out in the open Atlantic &  it appears we’ll have Tropical Storm ian  by tomorrow.  Computer models are taking this system east of Bermuda posing no threat to the USA.   Closer to home, Daylight satellite loops revealed a swirl of clouds in the Florida Straits drifting to the west.  Strong upper winds from the north have blown all T-Storms away from the center leaving it totally exposed.  As this system drifts farther to the west, upper shear will decrease and that might allow some development during the day on Saturday.   Currently most of the Gulf has a hostile environment for storm development due to strong wind shear.  Computer models do not develop this system and keep it far down over the southern Gulf away from us.  Yet a third disturbance is north of Puerto Rico but it too is expected to curve to the north well  east of Florida staying out of the Gulf.  We could go from no named storms to 3 in less than 24 hours.  As long as it doesn’t happen to us and the storms stay away from land, we don’t care how many storms get named.  Just stay away!


I again was sitting out on my back patio tonight with my Westie (Bailey) and it didn’t feel bad.  Granted, during the day it was very hot, but the evenings are getting more comfortable.   There are no signs yet of a strong cold front and I would guess we’ll have to wait until after Sept. 20th for some real relief from our heat.    I do like the warmth, but even I will appreciate some cooler & drier air.  Stay tuned!


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Bonnie said...

Pumpkin season, camping, smores and campfires is getting closer :)