Thursday, September 8, 2016

Zero Storms Worldwide...

As we reach the historical peak of our Hurricane Season (Sept. 10th) this Saturday, I’m stunned by the lack of activity anywhere.  There are currently zero named storms around our Planet and only 3 systems that can be considered disturbances.   So what’s going on?  Must be Global Warming?   That’s the buzz words for all weather events lately.  I really don’t know except to say the atmosphere of Mother Earth is far more complex and involved than most scientists will admit.  Rather than try to make something up, let’s just be thankful for the quiet and hope it’s not before the storms return?  As I have mentioned many times before, Once we get past the 1st week in October, there has NEVER been a major Hurricane (Cat. 3+) cross the Louisiana coastline.   Sure we can still get a late season storm (Juan Oct. 26, 1985), but those storms don’t require evacuations.   The next 3-4 weeks will be our pay attention time for big storms.   I’ll start to feel safer once we get into October and have several cold fronts behind us. 


One thing I’ve noticed lately is the lower sun angle and how the heat of the day doesn’t seem as bad after 6 pm.   Meteorological Summer ended on Sept. 1st and our long term “normals” are finally going lower.   Fall is usually a great time of the year here as our 5 months of hot & humid come to an end.  There are no signs of a REAL cold front just yet, but it’s only a matter of time.  Hang in there Gang.  Stay tuned!