Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bermuda in the Bullseye...

Hurricane Nicole is an exception looking storm on tonight’s satellite loops.  NHC says she is now a major hurricane at 115 mph and from her looks, I’m thinking she’ll be even stronger as she whacks Bermuda early Thursday morning.  Most of Bermuda has elevation plus their structures are built to withstand strong storms.  However, Nicole will test the island as the eyewall will impact just about every one making the next 24 hours difficult to say the least.  Fortunately, the rest of the tropics are quite as we approach mid-October.  Several models are suggesting our next storm(Otto) will form late next week over the western Caribbean.   With another cold front predicted to protect us, whatever forms will not be our problem.   In fact, what I’m looking for is relief from our summer-like heat.   We are still seeing the lingering impacts of the past El Nino with record or near record warmth for much of the country.  But that is about to change as signs are pointing to much cooler temperatures for November & December.  Of course that is expected as the sun’s angle becomes lower and colder air builds over Canada and heads south.   What will be interesting to watch is if the weather returns to “normal” or heads into those brutally cold Winters of the late 70s.  I’d much rather deal with the summer heat than the winter freezes.   Stay tuned!


P. S.  I just got my sweaters out of the closet and I’m ready for the cold.  I just don’t like it & it’s why I live in the South.

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