Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sweater Weather Coming...

As we pass the midpoint of October, the fronts coming down from the north will be colder & colder.   So far, the 1st couple of fronts have swept away the humidity, but haven’t caused us to pull out the heavy weather gear or turn on the heaters.   That should change with the front coming for Thursday night & Early on Friday.  Lows should dip into the 40s on the North Shore next weekend with 50s on the South Shore.  Now that’s starting to get chilly and I’ve brought all my sweaters out of hiding and am ready to go.   Before the front arrives, we’ll see more near record warmth with little chance for any rain.  Since it’s been over 3 weeks since our last rainfall, let’s hope the late week front squeezes out some much needed moisture.  If not, we may end up OH for October.


The tropics locally are quiet & I expect that to continue.  Sure there might be several more late season storms in the Caribbean or Atlantic, but the later it gets, the stronger the westerlies dip into the deep South protecting the northern Gulf from any threats.   Our focus now is the coming change of season with most of us welcoming the cool down and the opportunity to wear different clothing…without sweating!    However, give us another 6 weeks and some of us (me) will start whining…it’s too cold!   Stay tuned!

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