Sunday, November 27, 2016

Wash The Car, It Will Rain...

Yep, seems like anytime you do something where you don’t want it to rain, it rains.  Case in point…we went 6 weeks without rain back in Sept. thru early November.   I had a long time fishing trip planned the 1st week in November and, budda bing, that was the day we had 3-5”+ of rain.  Luckily the trip was down in Venice and we only had to dodge a few showers.  Fast forward…I had another trip planned for tomorrow & Tuesday and cha-ching, cold front is coming, small craft advisory goes up and rain chances increase to 80%+.  What’s going on?   I think back to a priest friend (Fr. Joe) who once say…”He will afflict you in your comfort…”   I guess my comfort has been retirement, but c’mon now…2 trips in a row.  Forget about needing rain…I need my fishing!    Talk about kicking a guy when he’s down ( OK you Ohio State fans, you won so let me move on!).


Seriously, we do need some rain, especially areas to our north and east into Alabama & Georgia.   A slow moving front should give us several waves of rain Monday night into Tuesday and again late Tuesday into early Wednesday.  Computer models suggest several inches are possible and that would be ok if stretched out over many hours.    I don’t see any brutal cold coming in the next 7-10 day time frame and our recent coolness has been perfect for hardening my plants & citrus trees for the coming Winter freezes.  In fact, the cool nights sweeten my grapefruit crop, which this year totals 200-250.   I’ve got 40+ lemons in a pot and I’m hoping my satsuma finnaly bears fruit next year or it’s outa here!   Now that I have time, gardening is so much fun.    Fishing, gardening, golfing, traveling…I need to go back to work to get some rest!     NOT !!!   Stay tuned.

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