Friday, December 2, 2016

Another Southern Soaker...

As mentioned in a previous blog, the southern storm track has become active bringing much needed rain to areas of severe drought.  Last week’s 2-4”+ helped put out fires but brought tornadoes with it.  Since colder air is in place this week, the severe threat will be confined much farther to the south.  We will see several waves of rain between now and Tuesday with many dry hours in between.   IF we get back into the warm sector on Sunday & Monday, some strong storms could develop.   But the real story coming next week will be the cold.   An Arctic blast will spread over most of the country by late week with more freezes coming for the North Shore and away from Lake P. on the South Shore.   What the models are not showing right now is the development of low pressure along the Arctic front.  IF that happens, a snow storm could whiten parts of the Gulf South.  Don’t get too excited as the flakes should stay well to our north.  Regardless, get the cold weather gear ready as you’ll need it by Thursday & Friday of next week.   Stay tuned!

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