Sunday, December 18, 2016

Baby It's Cold Outsides...

So I’m out walking Bailey tonight and I realize even with my scarf & hat & heavy coat, I’m still freezing.  The temp is 39 with the windchill making it feel like 30.   Burrr !  But then I look at all the record lows this morning that were 20-30 degrees BELOW zero.  Heck Chicago is minus 4 so our 39 now makes me feel better!   Our current chill will linger into Tuesday with a brief warm up on Wednesday before another, weaker cold front arrives on Thursday.   If you are looking for that chill to last thru Christmas Day, not gonna happen  If Fact, Christmas Day could be in the 70s here.


Don’t know if you saw it this week, but the Advocate ran a story about the 2017 Hurricane Season.  What?  C’mon…we just got into Winter when we can relax and know that we don’t evacuate for cold weather storms.  But noooo.   Already the hype is on for 2017 saying it MIGHT be a more active season.  I say we take one season at a time.  Stay tuned!

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