Sunday, December 4, 2016

December on Schedule...

Looking across the nation tonight finds typical December chill in most areas.  Interior Alaska is very cold with 35=40 below zero readings, but models are not showing any major east coast troughs (Polar Vortex) coming during the next 7-10 days.  As the northern snow cover expands, look for more Arctic invasions to plunge southward, especially during the last 2 weeks of the month.   That is what is supposed to happen at this time of the tear.   Locally, we have a large rain shield over us tonight that should break for most of Monday morning before most heavier showers returning for late Monday into early on Tuesday.   This is the kind of soaking rains that are needed to break the drought across much of the deep south.   Models have backed off from bringing the freezing chill down to us later this week with only the North Shore likely to see freezing temps Friday & Saturday mornings.   Don’t know about most of you but the lack of sunshine the past 2 days reminds me why I hate Winter.   With the low sun angle and shorter days anyway,  add in clouds and you just get this lack of energy feeling.  We may have to wait until Tuesday PM before we see the sunshine return.    Low pressure is likely to form near Lake Charles tomorrow and IF the track of the low goes to our north, the South Shore could briefly get into the warm sector (70s) with some sunshine.  Strong storms could develop for late PM so keep up on the weather as SPC has us in a slight risk for storms.    I was supposed to fish tomorrow so figure that the weather will go into the dumper!  Stay tuned!

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