Monday, December 19, 2016

Does It Bother You...

I’ve heard enough folks whining about the cold, Donald Trump, Global Warming, yada, yada, yada.  But here’s what really bothers me.  90% of people under 25 constantly on their cell phones, not paying attention to anybody, whether it’s at the mall or worse in a car.  It bothers me to be behind someone with multiple credit cards that don’t work.   It bothers me to be in the long line at right turn only and watch car after car cut in because they don’t want to wait their turn.  It bothers me to watch car after car make a left turn on north Causeway at Veterans with a clearly marked no left turn sign.  Where are the police?    It bothers me to watch most TV weathercasters put city names on satellite & radar loops covering up the data they are trying to show.   It bothers me to watch some weathercasters fly around SE LA/MS to show the temperature in every city despite there being but 1-2 degrees difference.  What a waste of time.   It bothers me the way wind chills are used & abused.  NEVER show the wind chill BEFORE you show me the REAL temperature.  It bothers me that weathercasters make up terms that don’t make sense.  “dry skies?”  Huh?   Sunny skies, Pt. Cloudy skies, Cloudy skies sure…but dry skies?    “ Flat Flow”?  I’ve heard of zonal flow,  west to east flow, meridional flow but flat flow?    Finally, it bothers me that so many shoppers out buying Christmas gifts show little Christmas spirit.  They are rude, impatient & have an attitude.   It’s hard to say…let there be peace on Earth.


I’ve really “enjoyed” our current cold spell as I found a nice winter coat that I hadn’t worn in nearly 2 years.   Beautiful coat & very warm too.   As that air mass modifies and leaves, we’ll only need jackets & sweaters.  The next front on Thursday is far weaker.  As we approach Christmas Day, Temps will rebound to 70+.    I don’t see any brutal, Arctic air coming back until January.   In fact, it’s amazing that Chicago will rebound from minus 13 this morning to the 40s & 50s melting all their snow for Christmas…Bah Humbug!  Winter begins on Thursday.  Only 13 weeks until Spring.  Stay tuned!

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