Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Reason for the Sneezin'...

Many of you wait for the cold air season after our long, hot summers.   I don’t mind some chill, but I hate the brutal, freezing cold.   It’s really a good feel to the dry air as long as you are dressed for it.   However, as you know we don’t stay cold very long  unlike the folks up north.  What usually happens is we have rapid warmups between cold spells.  That really triggers my allergies with the same symptoms of a cold.  I believe it’s caused by the release of billions of mold spores once the humidity returns.  Come back from a visit up north or out west and you can even smell it getting off the airplane.  At least I can smell the mildew and that usually triggers my allergies.   It’s a small price to pay not to deal with the snow & sub-zero cold that most of the Great Lakes are experiencing this week.   Fortunately, Allegra-D works for me.  I’ve tried many others with little relief but find Allegra-D really works.  Plus you don’t need to see a doctor to prescribe it as it’s over the counter.   Give it a try.


Tonight’s rainfall is just what my newly planted garden needed.   I’ve moved most of my tropical plants inside my back shed and I’m ready any Arctic chill that heads our way.   The next cold surge arrives on Thursday but it will not be as cold, nor last as long as the previous one.   Another stronger surge is coming for next week, but I don’t see a deep dip in the upper steering that would bring the brutal cold down to the Gulf coast.   In fact, the problem will be fronts stalling just off our coast allowing for days of over running rainfall into the chilly air.   It’s called December, dreary, disgusting, depressing.  Many people suffer SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) at this time of the year.  The shorter days plus more clouds & less sunshine result in fatigue, a feeling of low energy & sadness.   It’s real & not a made up psycho-babble.   We’re almost to the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21) after which each day we begin to pick up 1-2 more minutes of daylight.  You won’t really see the difference until late January & early February so try to stay cheery & with these cold spells, it’s beginning to feel a lots like Christmas!   Ho-Ho-Ho!  

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