Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Time to Winterize...It's Coming

We have a cold spell coming tomorrow lasting into Saturday, but it’s only the beginning of more to come.   This first blast will only be a glancing blow with the core of the core staying to our north & east.  Next week another, stronger surge followed by another Polar blast will make this a December to remember for much of the folks up north.  In a previous blog, I pointed out that weather usually flips from one extreme to another.  NOAA pointed out this past Autumn was the warmest on records dating back into the 1890s.   What I’m seeing for the next few weeks is a total flip flop from warmth to cold.   Today I went with longtime friends Bernard & Jim to winterize Jim’s property just east of Poplarville, MS.  Typically it is 15-20 degrees colder at night up there and temps in the teens happen each winter.  Most folks have well water and need to keep their pumps from freezing up by adding light bulbs or heaters.   All faucets need to be covered and hoses drained BEFORE freezing temps arrive.    This weekend will be perfect for us on the South Shore to get our homes & yards ready for the coming freezes.  It has been several years since the South Shore has dealt with a hard freeze.  Based on the recent warmth, I think this could be the Winter Season that sees such cold.   You have been warned Gang.   Stay tuned!

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