Sunday, January 8, 2017

After the Cold Comes the Thaw...

Awoke again to ice in my bird bath & more of my plants suffering from “cold-i-tist”.   Hard to believe we have struggled to get into the 40s for 3 straight days.  More importantly, water temperatures at Shell Beach have fallen from 62 degrees last Thursday to 47 today.  Why does that matter?  Because models are forecasting a huge warm up beginning Monday and lasting all week.  Dew points in the 20s & 30s will soar back above 60 resulting in widespread daily fog, especially near water bodies.  I remember growing up outside Chicago to almost always having a warm up after a long cold spell before & after Christmas.  It was called the “January Thaw” and meant daytime temperatures would get above freezing melting some of the ice and snow.   Our “thaw” will be way more impressive as highs return to 70+ by Tuesday lasting the rest of the week.  I’ll  get my potted plants back outside tomorrow , none the worse for being indoors for 3 days.


Been reading about the California rain & snowfalls that have them on a path for possibly their wettest rainy season ever!  In fact, most of the western states have been getting above normal rain & snows which should bold well for the 2017 summer fire season.  We are nearing the halfway point of “meteorological” winter with plenty of time for more Arctic blasts.  This week though will turn Spring-like allowing folks to get back outdoors.  Enjoy, but watch out for the fog developing by midweek.  Stay tuned!

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