Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cream Rises To The Top...

Even though the football games this weekend were not as exciting as last week, clearly the 2 best teams are going to the Super Bowl.  I hate the Falcons & I hate the Patriots, but given the choice…I want someone different to win the big game.  I know Tom Brady is a Michigan grad, but the guy already has won it 3 times.  So take away my Michigan allegiance, and my Saints loyalty and…yes, I’m going to be pulling for Matt Ryan to finally show he belongs with the great QBs that have played the game.  What makes a great QB?   1) Offense line buys time. 2) Receivers hang on to the ball (Packers & Steelers had many drops) & 3) QB makes the right decisions & no mistakes (interceptions).  Right now Vegas is all on New England, but that’s why they play the game…to win…not just to beat the point spread.


Fortunately most of the stormy weather stayed away from us this weekend, but tornadoes were deadly in Mississippi & Georgia.   January is typically a quiet tornado month, but the warmth of this January has allowed some stormy systems to roam the deep South.    We have a brief cool down on Monday with a brief warm up Tuesday PM into Wednesday.  The rest of the week should get us back to near or below normal for the rest of this month.  I am not seeing a deep digging trof predicted to develop over the eastern U.S. so, even though we’ll turn much colder, it appears no freezes are coming to the South Shore for the next 7-10 days.   I did move my tropical plants back into my shed for this coming week just to be safe.   Historically on the South Shore, we need to get beyond February 20th to get pass the hard freeze time period.  We can have freezes into early April, but the rule of thumb is not to plant your tomatoes outside until after March 15th.   Stay tuned!

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