Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Storms Lining Up...Severe Potential later this week.

The atmosphere is getting ready to unleash several waves of low pressure during the next 4-5 days.  California is expecting 2 more rain/snow events this week and is on pace to break their all-time rainy season record.  For us, as David pointed out tonight, the first disturbance appears to be aimed farther to our north & west on Thursday with our severe potential on the low side.  Another system coming for Saturday & Sunday will be stronger and farther to the south closer to us.  SPC already believes that will have a much higher potential for strong storms here.   We’ll need to pay attention this weekend as the long awaited transition to colder weather arrives.   Next week could turn even colder IF the upper trough deepens over the east coast.  It’s too early to send up the freeze watch, but the temps  in Alaska remain 30-40 below so the brutal cold is there.  The question is…will it plow down off the Gulf Coast by the middle of next week?  Stay tuned!


My blog yesterday elicited many good comments.   I didn’t mean to bash the current crop of weathercasters, but rather to point out the differences from the past.    John Coleman, founder of The Weather Channel, long time ABC weathercaster in NY & Chicago & one of my mentors, taught me to never be afraid to fail.  He said…”I would rather be the only one right than be wrong with everyone else.”   Good guidance from John who is still alive at 85 & living in southern California after finishing his career in San Diego.

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