Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter Look...Spring Feel

Even though I’ve lived here almost 40 years, I have never visited Morgan City…until today.  Now that I’m retired, I can do road trips any time to any where.  My Doctor friend Don & I went back to his hometown (Berwick) to show me where he grew up.  Lunch was at the Acadian in Morgan City where the food was good & the customers very friendly.  It was a bright sunny day but watching all the brown vegetation clearly indicated the effects of our recent freezes.   Our current warm spell is expected to last for another 7-10 days and that will allow some plants to start sprouting new growth.   Since we have a lot more Winter to come, I’m worried we are getting too warm too soon.   I expect several more Arctic Blasts with freezing temps during the next 4-6 weeks and that will likely harm any new growth.   Sure you can start planting your tomato seeds, but realize we are a good 8-10 weeks before we’re beyond our last frost threat.    I did some hack & whacking on my dead plants, but my experts at Perinos tell me you should wait until new growth begins to appear.   I just can’t stand the sight of dead stuff so I may over whack  and cut back more than I should.   Since our growing season is so long, that usually is not a problem. 


With our weather not likely to change much during the next week, the main weather news is the rain & snow out West.   I’m finally hearing some experts say these multiple wet events will put a huge dent in their long term drought & may actually end it before their rainy season is over.   For us, fog will present some early morning driving issues for the rest of this week.  Stay tuned!

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