Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hello Sprummer...

I was watching The Weather Channel this morning and was amused by their combining parts of 2 words to come up with another.   SPRing + summer + SPRUMMER.   That was kind of clever since even though we are just getting to the 1st day of Spring, many parts of the country have felt more like summer already.   It took me back to my days in Ann Arbor where the local weathercaster in Detroit was Sonny Elliot.  Sonny always combined words to come up with clever sayings.  I think he was the 1st person to combine smoke & fog to = smog.   Sonny’s real name was Marvin, but that’s what TV weathermen did back then.  Leon Rottman in Denver used the name Stormy Rottman.  Currently, my friend in Philadelphia, Glenn Schwartz is called Hurricane Schwartz.    Remember here back in the early 80s, Ch. 6 had Dallas Raines?   There are others with cute weather names…Larry Sprinkle, Amy Freeze, Storm Fields.  Perhaps some of you can recall other weather related names weathercasters used across the nation?


Well, the Vernal Equinox arrives tomorrow at 4:30 pm signaling the official start of Spring.   I see no cold air coming during the next 7-10 days & I feel our threat for a late season frost is near zero.   Bubba (my tomato plant) is growing, however, he still doesn’t have any blossoms.  My Meyer Lemon tree is loaded again along with my grapefruit tree.  Bozo(my satsuma tree) has about 30 small fruit with even more blossoms so I think he will finally give me some satsumas this fall.   This week looks warm and dry so you may need to water your gardens especially if you just planted new annuals.   My bird houses appear to have new tenants and the darn squirrels are trying to build a new nest in one of my trees.   Ah, Spring.  Let the season begin!  Stay tuned!

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