Thursday, April 6, 2017

Bubba Has Babies !!!

Well I think technically the term is Bubba has fruit.   Several of the blossoms have turned into teeny tiny tomatoes and I expect to have something to pick by the middle of May…provided the birds & bugs don’t beat me to it!  Even Bozo (satsuma tree) has held about 6-8 fruit.   The last storm blew off some fruit so that was a bummer.   But if I can just get a couple of satsumas this year, that’ll be progress.  The grapefruit is loaded again with several hundred and I’m thinking of a name for it.  Any ideas?   Beulah?  Bodacious?   Bert?   Gotta stick with the Bs.


As we get deeper into April and the sun angle gets higher with the lengthening days, the cold fronts become less frequent & their intensity moderates greatly.  Sure felt great today with the low humidity and you almost need a jacket or sweater in the early mornings.   That will slowly change into the weekend and you’ll feel the return of the muggies by Sunday at the latest.  There will be another front next week, but it doesn’t look as strong as this past one.   Looking up to Ann Arbor tonight and it’s in the 30s & snowing!   Reminds me of the time I took the family back to Indiana from Dayton for Easter.  It was April 7-8th and Hammond got 6-8” of “heart attack” snow.  It looked pretty but when it turned to slush, it sure messed up our Easter outfits going to church.   Perhaps that’s why I retired in the South?   Stay tuned!

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