Sunday, April 30, 2017

Models Nailed It...

One of my complaints is that most weathercasters are married to the models.  In other words, if the model says it, it must be right.   I often try to second guess the models based on what I see on satellite & radar loops.  Yesterday I felt that the models were far too fast in bringing in today’s T-Storms between 2-5 PM.  I felt the line would slow down.  Reality has proven  the models were far more correct.  In fact, the rains moved in slightly faster than the models predicted.   Fortunately, most of the severe weather stayed to our north, although I had one of my large tree limbs crash down and take out a section of my fence.    Fortunately it hit my fence and not my house.  Which reminds me of the danger many of us face with large tree shading our properties.   When the strong winds blow during a tropical system, we must be prepared to take action if a tree falls on our structure.   The tall pines on the North Shore are very heavy and you must be aware of that danger when a storm is coming.  I have much smaller water oaks and they don’t extend over my house.   Just be aware of your personal situation.   Large trees around my property might make me want to evacuate rather than risk the lives of my loved ones.  


We should enjoy 2 very nice days with lower humidity & abundant sunshine.  Our next system will arrive late Wednesday into Thursday with more storms.  Cooler and drier air should make for a great 2nd Jazz Fest Weekend.  Stay tuned!

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