Sunday, April 2, 2017

Severe Threat Still Real...

Today’s severe weather has remained to our west and north and is likely to stay that way for most of tonight.   The primary upper disturbance has moved out of New Mexico into north Texas with a secondary system approaching San Antonio.  That second system is triggering new storms off the lower Texas coast and will possibly be near us during the morning hours on Monday.  In addition, because of the slow motion of the whole system and the orientation more north to south of the storms, training may allow some heavy rain totals to cause street flooding.  Parts of SW Louisiana received over 5” today and those totals could be over us on Monday.  Bottom line…keep paying attention and keep your phones charged in case warnings are needed on Monday.  The way I see it, the 4 AM thru noon period on Monday will be our “under the gun” period for strong storms.   For the next 6-8 hours, I don’t expect much to happen.  It’s mainly after daybreak that we will have to pay attention.   Watching Nicondra show the models tonight, I think they are way too fast.  Hopefully, our main problem will just be some training heavy rain storms and not any major tornado outbreak.   That’s why you need the FOX 8 Weather App that will alert you if you’re sleeping and warnings are issued.  If that happens, get up and turn on FOX 8 as they will be manning the office all night and tracking any storms for you on VIPIR Radar.   Stay tuned!

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