Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Let the Season Begin...

Midnight starts the 2017 Hurricane Season for us and NHC is seeing nothing forming during the next 3-5 days.  However, several models are hinting that an area of low pressure could develop over the west central Gulf this weekend.   I always loved to interpret satellite loops and the new GOES 16 pictures are fabulous.  What I’m see about 100 miles west of the Yucatan in the south central Gulf is what appears to be a weak low level circulation on the visible(daylight) loop.  Also very apparent are strong westerly upper winds that should make any development unlikely.  Watching the various weather programs this afternoon to see if anyone picked up on this and…nope.  It seems unless NHC puts out the info on something developing, then it must not exist.  Whatever, it’s an area that I’ll be watching for the next 2-3 days as deep tropical moisture will head our way ahead of the next upper disturbance later this week.  We certainly don’t need any more rainfall, but all signs point to a soggy next 3-5 days.  


Remember the FOX 8 annual Hurricane Special…”Weathering The Storm 2017” is Thursday evening at 6 PM on FOX 8.   I’ll be curious to see the focus of the special as I no longer am involved in the day to day operations at FOX 8.  Hopefully we’ll all learn something that we don’t already know.  Since Katrina, the technology improvements alone make all of us safer.   The FOX 8 Weather APP plus video streaming should eliminate the lack of communications we experienced during Katrina and following storms.  Tell a friend to watch FOX 8 Thursday at 6 PM.  Stay tuned!

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