Thursday, May 25, 2017

New News Leader...

Yesterday marked the end of the May TV Rating Book and we have big changes to announce.  WWL-TV is no longer the clear ratings winner.  In fact, we have several News Leaders.  Beginning in the morning, WWL still is the leader between 4:30-7 am.  However, CBS forced them to air the CBS Morning News 7-9 AM and this drops WWL-TV from 1st to 2nd in local news.   At noon Ch. 4 still dominates and again at 5 PM.  But here are the major changes.  Ch. 6 becomes the News Leader at 6 pm with CH. 8 repeating as the 10 PM Leader.  Why has Ch. 4 seen their ratings tumble?   Clearly it’s because they no longer have a stable of anchors & reporters we know.  That same problem plagued Ch. 6 & 8 for years.  Now they have the stable anchors and local folks don’t like changes.  The winners are actually the viewing public since a tighter competition results in greater efforts to give you a reason to watch.   For FOX 8, the Lee Zurik investigations have produced big numbers as people want to know who’s cheating them and why.   If or when any Hurricane gets into the Gulf this summer, I’ll team with David & the FOX 8 Weather team to give you the most experienced and credentialed meteorologists in the city.  We will continue to earn your trust.


Speaking of hurricanes, NOAA issued their seasonal outlook and what a joke.  11-17 named storms they say.  That means it could be slightly below normal to way above normal this summer.  Huh?   That’s like saying the hurricane could hit between Brownsville & Panama City!   The obvious lack of skill is startling.   Worse yet, there are nearly a dozen seasonal forecasts being put out to confuse the general public into believing there is some skill involved.   I like what David showed tonight on Ch. 8.   The most likely area in June HISTORICALLY is the Gulf with the Central & East Gulf being the most likely.  History tends to repeat itself over time.  Stay tuned!


Hope you enjoyed our record low this morning of 57.  We won’t see that again until October.   Now we’re on the 1st 90 degree day watch.  It could happen either Saturday or Sunday.  With much higher humidity, not only will it feel like summer, but it will feel much worse since we have not had time to acclimate our bodies to the gawd awful stickiness.    Can’t complain much as this May has been truly nice compared to past years.

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