Tuesday, June 20, 2017

10 pm Update

The latest advisory from NHC has some changes, most notably, higher winds speeds farther from the center mandating expanding the Tropical Storm warnings that now include all of SE LA.   As I noted earlier, forward motion is  to the NW  at 7 MPH and that is good news.  The longer a storm sits, the longer the water can pile up along the coast (Isaac) increasing flooding outside the levee protection system.   This storm should serve as a reminder to what will happen when a real strong storm threatens.  Fortunately we have an upper low over the western Gulf that has prevented Cindy from becoming a more intense system.  That may not be the case come August & September.   As David has repeated  several times tonight, the main impact for most of SE LA/MS will be the heavy rain threat.   What I want you to watch for on Wednesday is where the “feeder band” of heavy rain rotating on the eastern side of Cindy sets up.   That’s where the potential of heavy rains will be the greatest.   If you’re on either side of that band you might not get much.     It’s pay attention time until Cindy is inland.  As we approach the heart of the season in 4-6 weeks, our next threat most likely will  require you to make an evacuation decision.   Do you stay or leave when a Cat. 3 or higher storm approaches?   For most of you the answer is easy.  You must leave, unless 1) you have elevation (a second story in case levees fail), 2) window protection (shutters ,plywood), 3) power (generator to run AC & Fridge) and 4) food & water to last 7 days.   Pretty easy choice.  You don’t have the 4 items, you can’t stay.   You need to plan where you will go and how to get there.  I suggest relatives that can put you up for several weeks.   Housing & food costs on the road can be super expensive.  Most families can’t afford the $1000-2000/week expense.  No relatives that like you?  Try some friends.  No friends?  Yikes!  Hope you make lots of $$$?  Stay tuned!

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