Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Cindy on the Move...

As I await the 10 pm update, this is what I am seeing.  Difficult to tell on the infrared satellite loop, but it appear the center of Cindy is about 100 miles south of Morgan City and is finally showing a forward motion.  In fact it appears she may reach the coast around Lake Charles, which is farther east of the NHC’s previous track.  Knowing their consistency trend, I doubt they move the track very much.   What we  have seen is a blow up of storms right along the LA/MS coasts tonight.  Once this band moves inland, we may see many hours of little or no rain on Wednesday morning before daytime heating ignites daytime storms.  Rainfall amounts have been 1-2” with higher amounts along the coast.  Only minor flooding has been reported so far along with some power outages.  I can’t remember another storm like this where the center is totally exposed with no T-Storms while out 150-300 miles from the center heavy squalls have wind gusts to 50+.  IF this forward motion I’m seeing is real, Cindy should reach the coast late Wednesday.  However, we will remain on the “wet” side of the circulation so the threat of heavy rainfall will linger possibly into Friday.  Once the update is in, I’ll be back.  David has been doing a terrific job of explaining the uncertainty plus not over blowing the danger of flooding.  Stay tuned!

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