Thursday, June 8, 2017

Cool June Follows Cool May

May ended up almost 3 degrees below average/normal with the 1st week in June following the same pattern.  In fact, nights have been down right comfortable, almost “chilly” on the North Shore away from the warmth of Lake P.   You know it can’t last much longer as we approach the Summer Solstice when the sun’s angle is highest overhead.  The daily 90+ days will arrive and we won’t feel this nice until late September or October.   Many of the Eastern States have had similar cool temps, almost too cool requiring sweaters & jackets at a time of the year when pools are opening.    These sunny days following all the recent rains have allowed my flowers to recover after almost being drowned!  One casualty has been Bubba, my tomato plant.   A big cluster (5) evidently got too heavy and broke off last night.   That leaves 14 still on the plant.  My wife brought home 2 huge bright red tomatoes from the store that reminds me it’s better to buy than to try to grow your own!   Seems baby possums are in the neighborhood.   Fortunately we have a local trapper John (Bernard) that has caught 32 squirrels, 1 possum & 1 rat in the past 3 months.   The squirrels never seem to leave despite taking all 32 out to the Bonnabel boat launch.  More keep showing up.   The life of a gardener is never easy as critters & vermin always want a free lunch.


There are no signs of development in the Tropics for the next 10-14 days.  Perhaps we can get through the 1st month of Hurricane season with no threats.  Usually not much happens until we get in the August & September.  Again I’m reading about the “experts” feeling the end of our nearly 12 year record streak without a Cat. 3 or high storm is coming.   Just as long as it hits somewhere else and not near us.   We are far better protected since Katrina, however, those bigger storms could send some water over topping levees, but nothing like when 80% of the city flooded.  That happened because of failed levees.  The Corps has spent millions fixing the system and I’m confident the new levees will hold.   Still the bigger/stronger storms could require evacuation.  So stay tuned!

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