Thursday, June 15, 2017

NHC Stays the Course...

Not much has changed in the thinking since yesterday.  Models continue to show some kind of tropical development in the western Caribbean/Yucatan/Southern Gulf by late this weekend with one model bringing the system into the Central Gulf as a Tropical Storm heading into the Florida Panhandle.  That would mean little impact for us.  Another model takes it into the southern Gulf making landfall along the upper Mexican/southern Texas coast.  That too would have little impacts for us.  The bottom line is this.  We have no system to follow yet as strong west wind shear will prevent any development in the short term.  Once thing I learned from my many years tracking tropical systems is that the public will suffer from anxiety fatigue the longer they have to pay attention to any threat.  I always tried to minimize that fatigue by not getting nervous until there is a need.  Tonight there is no need.  Next week could be a different story, but remember we are in June and not August or September when historically tropical systems are at their strongest.   Let’s relax for now.


In the short term, today was easily the hottest day of the year.  While playing golf today, one of our playing partners did not stay hydrated and had to quit after 9 holes due to feeling dizzy & nauseous.  That should serve as an example to anyone working or playing outside at this time of the year.  You must drink water even if you’re not thirsty.   Heat stroke or exhaustion can happen quickly.  Let’s use common sense folks.  Friday should again see a few spotty daytime storms bubble up, but like today, coverage should stay 30-40%.  There will be many dry hours to fish or golf, but pay attention for storms with lightning , thunder & heavy downpours.  Stay tuned!

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