Sunday, June 25, 2017

Record Wet June?

The good news is this June has not been Gawd Aweful Hot as most days have stayed below 90.  The bad news is the reason for the less hot is way too much rainfall.  In fact, with 5 days to go we only need another 3+” to become the wettest June ever.  Currently we are at # 4 and should stay there as the next 2 days are likely to be dry.  That should change later in the week as our typical daily showers return.   This afternoon’s satellite loops show a flair up in T-Storms over the southern Gulf.   NHC isn’t talking about it and it appears the activity is related to the interaction of a weak tropical wave with another upper level low.  The MJO has gone back to a less favorable phase so no development of this system is likely.   Still, I hate to see any storms flair up over the Gulf at this time of the year.


Bubba update…picked 5 more tomatoes(18 so far) Friday and had to cut back on the upper branches since the winds from Cindy bent them over.  One tomato is left so Bubba is on life support.   Once it ripens, it’s time to replant something different.   Cindy knocked off one of the satsumas from Bozo leaving one left.    If that doesn’t ripen, Bozo is toast.   My grapefruit is loaded again with hundreds of fruit.   I’m enjoying watching things grow, produce, die & replant .   Stay tuned!

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