Monday, July 31, 2017

Nearing Prime Time...

Back in the 80s, the LA. Lakers were called SHOWTIME because of the way they closed out their games.  The 4th quarter was their ShowTime to win games.  For us, we call it PRIME TIME, typically early August thru late September when we have the greatest threat for major hurricanes. It’s not a “game” for us, but rather  the time of the year when tropical waves move off of Africa and head into the MDR (MAIN DEVELOPMENT REGION) OF THE Atlantic.  We can get storms to form closer to us (Camille ’69), but some of the strongest storms form way out and we watch/track them for 10-15 days before they might threaten us.    Last night we talked about a swirl west of Tampa.  NHC named that swirl Emily this morning and she drenched parts of central & south Florida during the day.  What’s left of her is getting ready to emerge on the east coast north of West Palm Beach and it will be interesting to see if she can regain any organization & strength as she moves over the Gulf Stream heading out to sea.   For the first 10 days of August, none of the models develop any system, however, the European does have a system east of the islands by the mid part of August.   We need to watch the next front that may make it down into the Gulf by this weekend.  That’s how Alicia formed (Aug. 15th 1983) and became a cat. 3 hurricane that blasted Houston.   It’s our Prime Time for the next 8 weeks.  Stay tuned!


In the short term, cloud cover kept us from getting too hot today.  Satellite pictures show those clouds are gone so I expect Tuesday will see highs back into the mid-90s with only a slight chance for a PM storm.  Rain chances will go up, especially for Thursday-Saturday as that next front approaches.

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