Saturday, July 1, 2017

Summer Heat Finally Here...

After a very wet and almost “comfortable” June,  July has brought us back to reality where we start to feel the summer heat of the South.    What I find to be true is ,as long as the temperature stays below 95, we can tolerate our heat & humidity.  I have no clue how people lived here before AC.  I know, high ceilings plus window fans…give me a break.  I can’t sleep if the inside temperature is 75+.  I know most women agree.  The folks years ago didn’t know any different.  They just lived with it, much like my growing up in the frozen tundra of Chicago & Ann Arbor was no big deal since I was lead to believe that was “normal”.   Don’t get me wrong, I can easily tolerate the heat compared to the bitter cold.  I just don’t like the warmer nights of July-Mid Sept.  


Tropical Update…we’re in a quiet period since Cindy and that should last another week.   The GFS is very aggressive on forming our next named storm sometime late next week way out in the Atlantic.   In the 10-14 day time frame, it brings this system to the east coast east of Florida.   Rarely can the models pinpoint location that far out.   It could easily curve to the north and miss the U. S. altogether, or it could go farther to the west and threaten the Gulf.  Way too soon to worry.   I will be on vacation for the next 2 weeks so I will not be updating this blog.  If something important warrants my attention, I’ll be back on with the details.


Finally, I have pick the 19th & last tomato from Bubba.  Blossoms don’t set once the night temps. stay above 70 so it is time to say goodbye to Bubba.  My attention now focuses back to my flower garden and trying to keep alive & blooming the current batch of plants.   My roses, vincas & caladiums are all doing well, but the increasing summer heat is a challenge.  You can hear my latest commercial venture beginning July 8th on the Dan Gill radio program.  I’m plugging Perino’s Garden Center in Metairie where I have been a customer since 1985.   Great products, great people.   Stay tuned!

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