Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Franklin in Southern Gulf...

Tropical Storm Franklin has completed his trek across the Yucatan and is back out over the open waters of the southern Gulf (Bay of Campeche).  NHC believes he will gain strength before reaching the Mexican coast north of Veracruz and might become the season’s 1st hurricane.   It will not impact the United States.  That may not be the case with 99L out in the Atlantic.  The European model continues to indicate 99L will start to organize once it gets beyond 60W.   It fact, the next named storm (Gert) could impact areas east of Florida up thru the Carolinas.  As I mentioned last night, if you have a trip planned to the east coast for next week, keep up with the status of 99L.  No model brings a tropical threat into the Gulf for the next 7-14 days. 


Watching the City council meeting today was difficult.  Hearing “new” information released by the S & W Board was alarming and the resulting firings were totally appropriate.   However, one thing Joe Becker said was correct.  Had all the broken pumps been working, the flooding still would have happened since nearly 10” of rain fell in less than 3 hours.   Mr. Becker said it would take 300-400 more pumps (billions of $$$) to make flooding less severe.  That is not going to happen.   What is going to happen quickly is the S &W Board will work more efficiently without making excuses.   The money is there to clean out more catch basins.  You cannot have so many pumps broken & not operating during the heart of hurricane season.    In the meantime, businesses/home owners can go on line and look up “water dams”. They are available at Home Depot & the costs are in the hundreds of dollars.  A cheap way to fix a potential major expensive problem.   These are better than sand bags and are way easier to deploy. 


We are in the “dog days” of August.   With dew points 75-80 & little wind, the air feels heavy & uncomfortable.   The good news is in about a month to 6 weeks, we should begin to see & feel the transition to Fall weather.   We’re not dere yet, but relief is coming.  Stayed tuned!

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