Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Love Visible Satellite Loops

One of my favorite things I looked forward to when I was working was picking features on the daylight (visible) satellite loops.  Now with the new Goes 16 producing pictures every 5 minutes instead of 15 or 30, the vis loop is smoother & more detailed than ever.  It’s frustrating to watch local weathercasters rarely point out features UNLESS NHC or NWS does it for them.  I was proud watching David Bernard this afternoon point out a small but well defined swirl south of Mobile that NHC tonight started talking about.  Granted, development is unlikely, but why don’t the local folks use their knowledge instead of waiting until they are spoon fed the information?   Nicondra mentioned the swirl over the eastern Gulf Sunday night that “surprised” south Florida when it became Emily.   Had their local weathercasters been doing their job, it should have come as no surprise.   Too much emphasis is placed on models with not enough given to interpreting satellite & radar loops.   Just me venting.


There is a super Typhoon in the Pacific, but the Atlantic & Caribbean remain quiet…for now.   That should change in the 7-14 day time frame.  But for now we have nothing to follow as the remains of Emily will pull farther to the NE away from the U.S. east coast.


Saw a trailer for Al Gore’s new movie about climate change.  Looked up to find out film crews followed Al for over 2 years around the globe to document Al’s agenda.  No mention what kind of carbon footprint that created!

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1DansBlues said...

Went to the Smoky Mountains last week and what a treat. We drove up to Newfound Gap and then Clingman's Dome. A low cloud deck moved in and you couldn't see none of the mountain views. So we drove through clouds to get up to Clingman's Dome...very similar to us driving through fog. When we got up to the parking lot at the Dome, the temperature from our car was 62 degrees...a 20 degree drop from Gatlinburg. Wow did that feel nice. You could have made a case for wearing a jacket. I know I didn't want to leave that comfy air....later that night we had a good rain shower and we just sat on the porch at our cabin and took in all the sounds of a rainstorm...its therapy folks...

Temps were mild all week, only one day I remember it being hot and that was a trip to Cherokee NC....

I do find this has been the mildest summer here that I can ever remember. I know we have had some hot days, but the cloud cover and rain we have received sure has made it not as hot.

Speaking of Al Gore, none of his predictions of gloom and doom of global warming years ago have came true, yet he still preaches...I mean he said the world would be gone and done in 10 years...well that time has long come and gone and hail hail the gangs all here.