Saturday, August 12, 2017

Still No Gert...

Even though we have used 6 storm names already, none of them have had much impact to the U.S.   Only Franklin was what I consider a real storm as it slammed into Mexico.   Will that trend continue?   If you believe the computer models, the answer is yes…at least for the next 7-10 days.   The GFS model does develop what appears to be a hurricane in the 10-14 day time frame, but the model keeps it well off the U.S. East Coast.  If we are to have a threat in the Gulf, it appears September into early October will be the months.  Remember, once past the first week in October there has been no major storm cross the Louisiana coastline in modern (1890-2016) times.   Usually the westerlies settle back south bringing fronts and steering any tropical troubles to our east.  Let’s root for October to come early.


In the short term, we have hardly been “typical summertime”.  Sure we are supposed to see daily scattered storms, but this summer has seen way above normal/average coverage.  Instead of 30-40% , it’s been more like 60-80%.  Part of the reason for the increase has been a persistent east coast upper trough that brings cooler upper air deep into the Gulf South, which, when combined with daytime heating bubbles up numerous storms.   Of course that also results in less hot temperatures and lower AC bills.    I can take the heat better than cold so this summer has been no problem for me.   What I’m ready for is some variety in the weather instead of the usual heat & humidity with pop up storms.  That’s not happening until late next month.


I’ve been following the soap opera called the Sewer & Water Board and wonder why, all of a sudden, is there a need for all these generators?  Why can’t Entergy supply the power?   Reading about 25 cycle vs 60 cycle power and finding there are converter switches.  I’m not an engineer or electrician, but if there are these switches, wouldn’t that be a better and cheaper option than buying/renting generators?  I just think it sounds like the typical government solution…throw money at the problem with no accountability.  Has anyone done the math?   Just me wondering.  Stay tuned!


Rob said...

Ever wonder what the cost is for one much less 26 two meg generators???? Know what the fuel consumption ( burn rate) per hour these things consume and how are they being supplied? Diesel? Natural gas?
Pretty sad the EM of the city had no clue about any of this. Goes to really show you how poor emergency preparation really is entering into hurricane season when the basics are not even known or met

Aric Gisclair said...

No worries, the Mayor is on top of it.........just like he is every other issue. On another note, he's super concerned with "climate change". Wouldn't Entergy's power generators be more efficient, causing less of this "mand made climate change?"